Turbine or engine exhaust gas heat recovery unit



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    Hot water or superheated water generators that recover energy from engine or turbine exhaust gases that, flowing through a tube bundle, transfer heat to a carrier fluid.

    The system supplied includes the pressurised recipient, complete with accessories such as exhaust gas selector valves used to stop the delivery of heat, where necessary.

    The units must be carefully sized based on the exhaust gas parameters, such as temperature, humidity, composition, flow-rate etc.

    Typically installed downstream of engines or turbines used for electricity generation and any other type of industrial process that releases hot gas into the atmosphere.

    The PREXREC and VAPOREC heat recovery units ensure intrinsic reliability, maximum performance and low pressure drop.

    The gas and water circuits can be inspected, which together with simple operation and reduced maintenance make these generators ideal for all heavy-duty applications.

    The generators can be fitted, based on specific customer requirements, with economisers and/or water pre-heating coils.

    Available in one-pass and two-pass versions based on the available length, and can be designed and developed for the production of hot water, superheated water, steam or diathermic oil.




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