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Ferroli S.p.A. and its affiliates (collectively, the “Ferroli Group”), being sensitive to ethical issues and wishing to operate in a proper, correct way, and conforming the Regulations in force, have established systems to receive and manage reports regarding acts or deeds which could constitute unlawful conduct or a breach of Italian Regulations, European Union Regulations, breach of the Group Code of Ethics and/or internal policies and procedures adopted by the Group’s affiliates.

By accessing the Whistleblowing channel, you can report:

  • violations of national regulatory provisions which, for Italy, also include the predicate offences for the application of the Legislative Decree 231/2001 and breach of the Organization, Management and Control Models of the Italian companies of the Group (Ferroli S.p.A., Cola S.r.l. and E.L.I.C. S.r.l.), not attributable to violations of EU law as described below;
  • violations of European legislation in terms of: (i) offenses committed in violation of EU legislation indicated in Annex 1 to the Legislative Decree 24/2023 and all national implementing provisions; (ii) acts or omissions detrimental to the financial interests of the EU; (iii) acts or omissions concerning the internal market, which compromise the free movement of goods, people, services and capital; (iv) acts or behaviours that defeat the object or purpose of the EU provisions in the areas relating to the previous points.

By accessing the Speak-Up channel, you can report behaviours or situations that are contrary to the regulations, directives, policies, and internal procedures adopted by the Group, as well as violations of the Group Code of Ethics. The so-called "ordinary" reports, concerning reports that cannot proceed via the Whistleblowing channel, fall within the scope of Speak-Up.

In the channels you will find the related Policy: the Whistleblowing Policy and the Speak-Up Policy. Both provide that the recipients of the policies can submit a report confidentially, meaning that the Reporting Person’s identity and the reports received will only be known to a limited number of people, or anonymously.

The Policies also indicate the operating procedures used to manage reports, as well as any subsequent verification activities. The Policies also informs the Reporting Person about the forms of protection and confidentiality that he can expect.

The rules and principles contained in the Policies do not prejudice and do not limit, in any way whatsoever, the obligations and laws covering reporting to a competent authority (judicial, supervisory or regulatory), they aim to find the right balance between the Group’s legitimate interests, as well as those of the Group’s affiliates, in preventing improper behaviours and the rights of the recipients of the Policies.


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