Prefabricated heating plant for outdoor installation


PREFABRICATED HEATING PLANT for outdoor installation, the ideal solution for companies with space problems inside their facilities. The units can be configured with the vast range of FERROLI heat generators.

Design and performance vary according to needs and the use that the heat generators installed inside are configured for. FERROLI’s experience in the development of turnkey heating systems means that these heating plants not only fully comply with the relevant standards in force, but above all are functional and complete.

The products available including different configurations ranging from shelters with simple sheet metal containers to structures with class 0 sandwich panel walls.

  • Technical Data

    For example, the shelter has the following composition:

    steel load-bearing structure

    cast steel corner blocks at the ends

    outer walls made from vertical corrugated steel panelling roof made of cold-formed steel panels, cambered to ensure rainwater drainage

    1 opening on each long side, made from a tubular frame with aeration grills sized according to heat generator output

    striated steel sheet metal floor

    reinforcement on the equipment supports

    internal lining on the walls and roof using sandwich panels with class 0 insulation

    1 blind pedestrian access door with emergency bar on the inside and handle on the outside.

    1 double access door at one end

    painting on the outside of the structure

    safety signs.

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