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Ferroli S.p.A. and its affiliates (collectively, the “Ferroli Group”), being sensitive to ethical issues and wishingto operate in a proper, correct way, have established a system to receive and manage reports regardingacts or deeds which could constitute unlawful conduct or a breach of:

• the Group’s Code of Ethics.

• the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no.231/2001 (for Italian Companies in the Group).

• the regulations, directives, policies, and internal procedures adopted by the Group.

Employees and every recipient of the Speak-Up Policy (“Speak-Up Policy” document is available in this pagein PDF format) can make a report confidentially, meaning that the Reporting Party’s identity and thereports received will only be known to a limited number of people, or anonymously.

The Speak-Up Policy also indicates the operating procedures used to manage reports, as well as anysubsequent verification activities, in the face of unlawful conduct based on precise and consistent facts ofwhich the Reporting Party becomes aware by virtue of the functions carried out. The Speak-Up Policy alsoinforms the Reporting Party about the forms of protection and confidentiality that he can expect, andwhich are guaranteed.

The rules and principles contained in the Speak-Up Policy do not prejudice and do not limit, in any waywhatsoever, the obligations and laws covering reporting to a competent authority (judicial, supervisory orregulatory), they aim to find the right balance between the Group’s legitimate interests, as well as those ofthe companies which make up the Group, in preventing improper behaviour and the fundamental rights ofemployees and, in general, recipients of this policy, particularly with regard to processing the personal datawhich concerns them.

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"The Speak-Up Policy applies to the entire Ferroli Group, to every employee no matter the country in which
they are based, and to third parties which have dealings with the Group”

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