Air-water reversible heat pumps for split installation, with built-in DHW storage tank

  • OMNIA ST 3.2

OMNIA ST 3.2 is the evolution of OMNIA S 3.2 and belongs to the new range of Ferroli Full Inverter R32 split heat pumps.

“Split” means that the cooling circuit is divided between two units, Outdoor and Indoor. The Outdoor Unit contains the core of the cooling circuit, from the compressor to the fan with the air side exchanger, which is connected to the refrigerant gas pipes to the Indoor Unit.

On the other hand, the Indoor Unit contains the core of the generator's hydraulic circuit with all the main pre-installed components, such as the high-efficiency circulator and the expansion vessel, to allow safe and practical installation.

OMNIA ST 3.2 differs from OMNIA S 3.2 models for having integrated a Domestic Hot Water tank directly in the Indoor Unit. This storage tank has a 190L capacity for sizes 4 to 10, and 240L for larger models, from 12 to 16T.

And that’s not all! OMNIA ST 3.2 can be customised according to your requirements, with a 18L inertial tank kit, a kit for solar integration of the storage tank or with a kit to manage 2 different zones, classic direct and mixed, if 2 different temperatures are required on the home terminals.

Thanks to its wide operating range (among the largest on the market), OMNIA ST 3.2 works with as low as -25°C outdoor temperature and produces hot water up to 65°C under nominal conditions.

The new Full Inverter by Ferroli concept uses DC inverter modulations on the 3 main energy-consuming components of the machine, namely: compressor, fan and pump. This allows the delivered power to be modulated, closely tracking the thermal load and allowing the user very high efficiencies and significant energy savings.

Furthermore, the Full Inverter by Ferroli reduces inrush currents, avoiding sudden grid surges while guaranteeing a longer service life of the components.

With the lowest noise levels on the market, OMNIA ST 3.2 can meet your system requirements, but can also easily be integrated with a Ferroli boiler (find out more about Factory Made Hybrids by Ferroli).

The Outdoor Unit contains the core of the cooling circuit, whereas the Indoor Unit contains the core of the hydraulic circuit. OMNIA ST 3.2 is much more than a heat exchanger with a pump. The hydronic module includes all the main components of the system and can be customised according to the user’s needs. Stainless steel plate exchanger, pressure gauge and pressure sensors, expansion vessel, safety valve, automatic vent and brushless DC circulator only some of the components you’ll find inside.


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    The user interface has been equipped with Capsense technology, with a 2.8” graphical display, which allows the user to conveniently and simply interact with the product.

    - MODBUS PROTOCOL. It can be interfaced with BMS/BACS automation and management systems.

    - HEATING AND COOLING. The Full Inverter modulation closely tracks the desired setpoints, with the option to set hot and cold climatic curves, further optimising consumption for the user.

    - DOMESTIC HOT WATER (DHW) PRODUCTION. When the DHW temperature probe calls, the machine automatically diverts to the DHW storage tank with a dedicated DHW Setpoint. 3-way diverter valve supplied as standard.

    - SMART GRID INPUT FROM PHOTOVOLTAIC AND MAINS. Digital Smart Grid inputs to manage one input from the photovoltaic system and from the mains. These allow consumption and utility bill costs to be optimised.

    - DHW STORAGE TANK ELECTRICAL RESISTOR. The DHW electrical integration serves as an integration, anti-legionella or reserve source in the event of an anomaly.

    - FAST DHW. Priority to DHW production to bring the storage tank to the setpoint in the shortest possible time.

    - ANTI-LEGIONELLA FUNCTION. Allows the weekly anti-legionella cycles to be set.

    - SILENT MODE. Reduces the compressor frequency and fan speed to reduce noise significantly. Programmable in time bands.

    - ON/OFF from an external contact. Activation and deactivation via an external contact (for example from a zone thermostat).

    - HOT/COLD from external contacts. Summer/winter switching signal from the outside (for example from the zone thermostat).

    - ECO FUNCTION. Dedicated setpoint for “Eco” mode. Can be set with a daily time band.

    - ANTI-FROST PROTECTION. Heat pump heating mode with circulator set to ON and any electric booster.

    The interface on the machine communicates easily with the new smart Connect CRP systems, which can manage up to 8 thermostats (7 Connect CRP Zone + 1 Connect CRP that in turn, has all the chronothermostat functions) divided into 2 zones: one direct and one mixed.

    Connect CRP is the brand new remote controller and is accessible via an APP, which is available for both iOS and Android.

    The Connect CRP Zone, on the other hand, is a Zone thermostat that communicates with the Connect CRP via RF.

    It can be placed in a classic 502 box or left stand-alone on its practical table feet.


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