• HMW HT

Available range


Unit type

IH Heat pump

IP Reversible heat pump (reversible on the refrigerant side)

Versions (heat recovery)

VB Base version

VD Desuperheater version

Acoustic setting up

AB Base setting up

AS Low noise setting up

  • Technical Data

    This series of water-water heat pumps satisfies the heating, cooling and domestic hot water production requirements of residential plants of small and medium size.

    All the units are suitable for indoor installation. The possibiliy to produce water at high temperatures makes these units par- ticularly suitable to be applied to radiators plants as well as to fan coil plants and radiant floor plants.

    As source both water (from well, river, lake…) or brine solutions (from geothermic probes) can be used.

    The control system allows to manage not only the refrigerant circuit but the whole plant with the possibility to choose different solutions both for the heating and cooling plant and for the domestic hot water management. The possibility of solar panels or other heating sources integration is also available. The heating function optimizes the flow water temperature according both to the ambient temperature and to the outdoor temperature through climatic curves adaptable to the building features. It’s possible to manage a storage tank and two independent circuits (a direct one and a mixed one). The domestic hot water management allows to control the three way valve, the storage tank and the anti- legionella cycles (if necessary).

    The cooling function can be realized through “passive cooling” (free cooling), through “active cooling” (refrigerant circuit inversion) or through both systems actuated in sequence. When the unit is used in radiant floor plants, to avoid condensate generation, a room humidity sensor can be installed. During cooling mode operation apart of the heating power in excess can be recovered for the domestic hot water production (VD version).

    The internal programmer clock allows to define different daily switching programs for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. The refrigerant circuit is equipped with scroll compressor mounted on damper supports, brazed plate heat exchangers, electronic expansion  val-  ve and reverse cycle valve (for reversible units). The circuit is protected by high and low pressure switches and flow switches on both the exchangers. The compressors are arranged in tandem on a single refrigerant circuit and allow the capacity modulation according to the plant requests in order to guarantee a high seasonal efficiency.

    The compressor is equipped with vapour and liquid injection and is placed on an economized refrigerant circuit with plate heat exchanger and electronic expansion valve dedicated to the injection.

    In the low noise setting up units (AS) the outdoor structure is thermally and acoustically insulated in order to reduce sound propagation and to allow the installation in domestic places.

    The heat exchangers and all the hydraulic pipes are thermally insulated to avoid condensate generation and reduce thermal losses.

    All the units are supplied with phase se- quence and voltage controller and with an outdoor temperature sensor in order to re- alize the climatic control.

    All the units are accurately built and individually tested in the factory. Only electric and hydraulic connections are required for installation.


    Plant side flow rate management

    •  not present

    •  standard pump

    •  high head pump

    •  modulating pump

    Source side flow rate management

    •  not present

    •  standard pump

    •  high head pump

    •  modulating pump

    •  2 way valve

    Domestic hot water production

    •  not present

    •  3 way valve Passive cooling

    •  not present

    •  standard Soft starter

    •  not present

    •  standard





    Rubber vibration dampers

    Spring vibration dampers

    Remote thermostat (wired or wireless)

    Remote control (wired or wireless)

    Wireless transmitter

    Wireless repeater

    Condensate sensor

    Room hygrostat
























    Room humidity sensor

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