Condensing heat generator with high power modulation, for outdoor use

  • MACH

- High-power condensing boiler, with high modulation range up to 1/40.

- Designed for installations both in technical rooms and outdoors without protection.

- Thermal group composed of a cascade of aluminium-silicon alloy elements designed for maximum efficiency and minimum pressure drops on the hydraulic circuit. Each unit is completed by the circulation group and the pre-mix combustion group.

- Total pre-mixing group, for micro-flame combustion with very low polluting emissions (class 6 in compliance with EN 15502-1).

- The metallic microfibre burner can run on natural gas or LPG

- Generator protection systems:

  * Double probe system (flow and return) to operate at constant ΔT (from 0 to 60°C)

  * Flue gas safety sensor

  * Water pressure switch with a minimum limit of 0.8 bar

   * Hydraulic unit with 3-way shut-off valve for discharge into the atmosphere and non-return valve on flow

- Air/Flue gas circuit with suction on the installation site and flue gas non-return clapet valve integrated on the suction group in order to size the flue gas manifold under pressure

- Control panel protected by a door integrated into the casing

- Four sturdy floating wheels installed as standard to facilitate unloading and mobility during installation. Adjustable feet for positioning.

- Designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors even without any protection from atmospheric agents (up to a temperature of -5°C).

- It can be connected to the system either on the right or on the left and it is delivered complete with blind flanges.

- In combination with THETA+ thermoregulation, it is possible to install more MACH generators in series (up to 8 units) *

- The MACH electronic control can manage a system with two direct zones and a DHW storage tank or more complex systems at different temperatures in combination with THETA+ thermoregulation.

- RANGE RATED certified generator to adapt the power generated to the needs of the system, to increase the efficiency of the system while preserving the mechanics of the machine from continuous switching on and off.

- The modules can be controlled and operated remotely:

- Power or temperature regulation with 0 - 10V signal

- Blocking alarm signal for safety and restoration of operation

- ModBus communication protocols (in combination with THETA+ thermoregulation)


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