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This series of air-water heat pumps meets the needs of winter and summer air conditioning of residential and commercial installations

of small and medium power.

All units are suitable for outdoor installation and being able to produce water up to 60°C may be employed in systems with radiant floor, fancoils, radiators and for the indirect production of domestic hot water (DHW) via an external boiler (not provided).

The units are characterized by the use of a DC inverter compressor that allows reduced inrush currents and to modulate the capacity from 20 to 130% of the rated capacity. The units can be integrated with a water circulation pump (on-off or inverter for a quick and safe installation.

The units are characterized by high seasonal energy efficiency and low noise level and they can be used as the sole generator of the system or integrated with other energy sources such as backup electric heaters or gas boiler.

All units are supplied with external air temperature probe (already installed on the unit) to realize the climatic control in heating and cooling modes.

All the units are accurately built and individually tested in the factory. The installation only requires the electrical and hydraulic connections.



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    both circuits are contained in a compartment protected from the air flow to simplify the maintenance operations and reduce to minimum the heat losses.

    The refrigerant circuit is equipped with DC INVERTER motor driven compressor (scroll type) wrapped with sound-absorbing material and placed on vibration-damping rubber supports to reduce the vibrations and noise emissions.

    The electronic management of the inverter also makes it possible to heat the compressor oil by using the inverter itself even in the compressor stop phases, avoiding the use of an oil cranckase heater.

    The refrigerant circuit is made by copper pipes, stainless steel brazed plates heat exchanger complete with water differential pressure switch (for the control of the right water circulation), bi-flow electronic expansion valve, 4-way valve, axial fans with brushless DC motor complete with safety protection grilles, finned coil made of copper tubes and aluminium fins. The circuit is controlled by means of temperature probes and pressure transducers and protected by high pressure switch.

    The plate heat exchanger and all the refrigeration and hydraulic circuit pipes are thermally insulated to prevent condensation and reduce heat loss.

    All units are equipped with variable speed fan control that allows operation with low outdoor temperatures in cooling and high outdoor temperatures in heating.

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