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The RCA/RNA water chillers and heat pumps are all CLASS A and available in the version with R410a or R454b.

The latter is a refrigerant gas with a GWP of 466, over 75% less compared to R410a.

This series of chillers and air-water heat pumps fulfils the requirements for medium-power residential or industrial air conditioning and heating systems.

The heat pump versions are designed for the production of hot water up to 55°C.

All the units are suitable for outdoor installation and can be used in fan coil, radiant and high-efficiency radiator systems or to extract the heat generated during industrial processes.

The cooling circuit, housed in a separate compartment to make maintenance operations easier, features scroll compressors and plate exchanger, even in the super silenced version, can be completed by hydraulic circuit with tank, with pump and with tank and pump.

The inverter control on fans (EC Inverter) are also available as accessories for a greater efficiency. The EC Inverter fans are also available with high pressure head for internal ducted installation.

The SL silenced version is available as an option, with sound-absorbing insulation on the compressors and on the walls of the technical compartment, or the AX version, Super silenced version, obtained starting from theSL version through a further reduction of the fan rotation speed and the 'use of finned coils with a larger surface.

A wide range of accessories, factory installed or supplied separately, complement the extreme versatility and functionality of the series.



- Free-standing structure made of galvanised sheet metal with added polyester powder coating protection.

- Scroll compressors with oil level indicator, internal heat protection and crankcase heater

- Axial fans coupled directly to the motor with external rotor.

- Finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins.

- Stainless steel AISI 316 brazed plate exchanger, including water differential pressure switch. The anti-freeze heating element is standard supply in the heat pump unit.

- The cooling circuit has an electronic expansion valve, high and low pressure electronic pressure gauges, and R410A refrigerant. Desuperheater for 20% heat recovery and Total heat recovery unit for 100% recovery are available as options.

- Electrical cabinet with main cut-off switch and door lock device, fuses, thermal relays to protect the compressors and thermal contacts for the fans.

- Condensation check: proportional electronic device for continuous and efficient operation of the unit with external air temperature as low as 0°C, with CT option, and as low as -20°C, with CC option, in cooling. The device also guarantees the damping of the sound level especially at night. It consists of a continuous fan rotation speed regulator, high and low pressure transducers in the cooling circuit and electric heater in the electrical cabinet

- The unit is managed by a microprocessor controller to which all loads and control devices are connected via a wiring board. The user interface consists of a four-button display via which it is possible to view and, if necessary, change all the unit operating parameters.

- A remote keypad is available, as an accessory, which replicates all the operations of the interface installed on the machine.



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