The OMNIA range of heat pumps meets the requirements of space heating, space cooling and the production of domestic hot water for small and medium-sized residential and commercial plants.

It consists of an inverter external unit available of different capacities associated with a hydronic indoor unit proposed in two variants with or without 3kW electrical integration two-stage (1.5 + 1.5), both equipped as standard with integrated three-way valve for the production of domestic hot water through an external boiler.

The system is very versatile and can work at outdoor air temperatures down to -20 °C and produce hot water up to 60 °C with the aid of electrical integration.

Particularly suitable for use in radiant systems, fan coil units, radiators and for indirect production of domestic hot water (DHW) via an external boiler (not supplied).

Split refrigerant circuit to avoid risks of freezing in particularly for rigid outdoor applications.

The user interface consists of a digital remote controller (wired max 50m from the indoor unit) equipped with a large display and simple setting commands.

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    Reduced starting current thanks to Inverter technology

    Compressor with twin rotary DC INVERTER motor positioned on rubber anti-vibration mounts and wrapped by a double layer of sound-absorbing material to reduce vibrations and noise

    The compressor is also equipped with crankcase oil heater

    Bi-flow electronic expansion valve

    4-way valve

    Axial fans with DC brushless motor complete with safety protection grilles

    Finned coil consisting of copper pipes and aluminum fins

    External air temperature probe already installed on the unit

    DHW tank water temperature sensor supplied as standard (installed by the installer)


    Available with 3kw electrical integration (OMNIA HI-UI) or without integration (OMNIA H-UI)

    Hydraulic unit with 3-way diverter valve for DHW production supplied as standard

    Brazed stainless steel water / gas plate heat exchanger

    Low consumption system circulator with DC brushless motor

    Automatic air vent

    Water differential pressure switch

    Water pressure gauge

    Expansion vessel

    Safety valve

    Y-shaped water filter supplied as standard (installed by the installer)


    The user interface consists of a wired remote controller (up to 50 m from the unit) which allows the management of:

    - HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM, where the heat pump is the sole energy source. The unit, if activated in heat or cool mode, works by modulating the frequency of the compressor to maintain the temperature of the produced water to the setpoint value set by the controller. Through parameter you can use the remote controller (eg. For single-zone systems) as a room thermostat.

    - DOMESTIC HOT WATER PRODUCTION (DHW). The unit is activated in a heatt mode to keep the temperature of a DHW tank (not supplied) to the setpoint value. It requires a 3-way diverter valve (not supplied) and a temperature sensor (T5 probe, L = 10m, provided) to be inserted into one well of the DHW tank.

    - ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF ENERGY (boiler or electrical heater). Depending on the parameters set, these sources can be activated in integration or replacement of the heat pump when the system is used for space heating or for DHW production.

    The controller also activate additional energy sources in case the heat pump is not working.

    - ELECTRIC HEATER OF THE DHW TANK. The controller can manage the activation of  an electric heater inserted in the DHW tank as a heat integration to the heat pump, for disinfecting function, or as a source of energy reserve for DHW production in case the heat pump is not working.

    FAST DHW. This function can be activated manually and it allows you to give priority to DHW production by activating all energy sources (heat pumps, electric heaters, boiler) available for DHW heating to bring in the shortest time possible the DHW tank to the setpoint required.

    - DISINFECT FUNCTION. You can set from the controller weekly cycles for disinfecting the water in the Dhw tank. In order to successfully execute these cycles, the heat pump must be integrated with DHW electric heater or boiler.

    - SILENT MODE. If active it allows a reduction of the maximum frequency of the compressor and of the fan speed in order to reduce the noise emitted and the power absorbed by the unit. There are 2 levels of silencing. Through time programming, you can define for 2 daily time bands the desired silent level (eg. during the night).

    - ON / OFF using an external contact. The unit can be turned on and off (eg. thermostat / remote switch) via an external contact: in this case the unit will operate in the mode set by the controller keyboard.

    - HEAT / COOL via external contacts. The unit can be activated in heat or cool mode via two external contacts (eg. thermostat that manages the heat and cool demand / remote switch).

    - ECO MODE. Possibility to define in heat mode a time band within which the heat pump works with a sliding setpoint defined by the chosen climatic curve. 8 climatic curves are available for low temperature systems (radiant floor) and 8 climatic curves for fan coil or radiator systems)

    - WEEKLY SCHEDULING. It allows a schedulation of 6 time bands for each day of the week: for each time band it is possible to define the mode (COOL / HEAT / DHW) and the required  setpoint.

    - Detailed alarms diagnostics with alarms history.

    - Display of all operating parameters.

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