Hot water boiler with three flue passes


Hot water generator with pressurised combustion and high energy efficiency, three flue gas passes.

Ready for operation in combination with a jet burner on liquid or gas fuel.

The arrangement and generous sizing of the combustion chamber with cooled end plate guarantee a low heating load and the possibility, when combined with a suitable burner, to ensure combustion with low NOx emissions. 

Range consisting of 14 models with rated outputs from 1,200 to 9,000 kW.



  • Technical Data

    Boiler body made entirely from steel, completely lined with a layer of high-density mineral wool, protected by stainless steel plate, meaning very low heat loss to the surrounding environment.

    Energy efficiency exceeding 92%

    Maximum operating pressure 6 bars, higher pressure on request.

    Maximum design temperature: 110°C.

    Combustion chamber consisting of a large furnace reinforced with omega joints to guarantee operation at low heating loads.

    Tube bundle on the second and third flue gas pass, with high heat exchange surface.

    Front door with reversible opening (right and left) and innovative closing system with micrometric adjustment on the boiler front plate.

    Supplied in two parts, steel body complete with casing, and satellite controls.

    Maintenance guaranteed by easy access to the furnace and the tube bundle through the door and the removable smokebox.

    The water circuit can be inspected through a manhole at the top of the boiler and a hand opening ring on the bottom door.

    Thermostatic control panel. Thermostatic controller for single-stage or two-stage burners, with the possibility to control the system pump.



    • CE mark in accordance with the following directives
    • Gas Appliances (2016/426 GAR),
    • Pressure Equipment (2014/68/UE) for pressures greater than 10 bars
  • Depliant

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