Indirect steam generator

  • EVA

Indirect steam generator through hot oil, body made in carbon steel; “U” shape extractable coil exchanger made in carbon steel or AISI 304.

The range includes 15 models from 166 kg/h up to 8.300 kg/h.

  • Technical Data

    Standard design pressure 12 and 15 bar (higher pressure on request).

    Steam production from 166 kg/h up to 8.300 kg/h.

    Exchanging head in carbon steel flanged on the evaporator body with flanged connections to the plant.

    Large evaporating surface area and an amply sized evaporating chamber for the production of high quality dry saturated steam.

    Low casing leakage due to an adequate insulation of the boiler body with high density mineral wool; external protection with a stainless steel sheet (AISI 430).

    Pressure parts welding are all performed by qualified personnel and approved according to EN standards.

    Design and construction in compliance with European Directive 2014/68/UE (PED) and the most recent European regulations on pressure vessels.

    EC assembly certificate in accordance to PED Directive.

    Water side inspection allowed by man hole.



    • CE mark in accordance with the following directives.
    • Pressure Equipment (2014/68/UE)
    • Low Voltage (2014/35/UE)
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (2014/30/UE)




    Modulating supply system for optimum water level management in combination with an economiser.

    Second standby supply pump with valves.

    Second level gauge with valves.

    System for automatically draining sludge and dissolved salts that deposit on the bottom.

    Salinity (TDS) control system that measures dissolved salts in the water.

    Cooling tank for sampling boiler water.

    FAIL SAFE minimum level probes.

    B.E.C.S. (Boiler Electronic Configurable System): the B.E.C.S. control system consists of a PLC fitted with high performance Touch Panel colour operator interface. The interface can be used to manage operation of the Boiler-Burner-Central Heating System.

    “VRC” condensate collection vessel.

    Water treatment system.

    Steam manifold.

    BMS 24H for up to 24 hours’ continuous unsupervised ope-ration.

    BMS 72H for up to 72 hours’ continuous unsupervised ope-ration.

    “VRD” atmospheric degasser.

    “DGST” thermophysical degasser.

    “BDV” drainage cooling tank.

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