Condensing hot water generator


Multi modules condensing generator, set for 16 types of modular installations with two or three boilers.

Range consisting of sixteen models with max heat outputs from 140 kW to 960 kW respectively

  • Technical Data

    Every part has been designed to simplify cascade installations. The main points are as follows.

    The water fittings have been positioned at the same heights so as to simplify connection to the system outlet and return manifolds.

    The double flue gas outlet on the right and left sides of the boiler, and the non-return damper positioned directly on the fan simplify sizing and development of the flue gas manifold.

    The Quadristar B range features a complete series of accessories for multiple combinations in groups of two or three boilers, up to a maximum output of 960 kW.

    The electronic controller fitted as standard has been designed to independently manage the operation of multiple heat generators in a cascade, with MASTER-SLAVE logic, up to a maximum of 6 appliances.

    The air/gas system has been designed to allow the group flue gas manifold to be sized for operation under pressure and consequently allow smaller manifolds.

    The parameters available on the cascade MASTER board can be set so as to select the activation sequence of the various modules and rotation of the activation sequence, so as to uniformly divide the number of operating hours.

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