• RGW

Available range

Unit type

IR Chiller

IW Heat pump (reversible on the water side)

IP Heat pump (reversible on the refrigerant side)

BR Chiller Brine

BW Heat pump Brine (reversible on the water side)

BP Heat pump Brine (reversible on the refrigerant side)



VB Base version


Acoustic setting up

AB Base setting up

AS Low noise setting up

AX eXtra low noise setting up

  • Technical Data

    This series of water-water chillers and heat pumps satisfies the cooling and heating requirements of commercial and industrial plants of medium size.

    All the units are suitable for indoor installation and can be applied to fan coil plants, radiant floor plants and high efficiency radiators plants.

    The refrigerant circuit is equipped with 2 scroll compressors, mounted on rubber vibration-damper supports, plant side heat exchanger brazed plate-type in stainless steel (AISI 316), complete with thermal insulation shell and differential pressure switch, source side exchanger brazed plate-type in stainless steel (AISI 316), complete with ithermal insulation (IW, IP, BW, BP only) and differential pressure switch. (IP, BP only), thermostatic expansion valve or electronic expansion valve (standard for IP, BP), 4-way valve, dehydrator filter, refrigerant circuit protected by refrigerant safety valve, low and high pressure switches, electrical panel for power and control complete with main breaker power supply with door lock function microprocessor controller with keyboard-display, and phase sequence controller (standard).

    When developing the range special attention has been paid to the choice of heat exchangers in order to obtain high efficiencies at full and partial loads to maximise the seasonal efficiency rating (ESEER) and therefore reduce consumption and running costs. The units can be chosen in Basic setting up (AB) (unit without closing panels), Low noise setting up (AS), featuring closing panels coated with acoustic material, Extra Low noise setting up (AX) featuring closing panels coated with superior acoustic material and soundproofing jackets on the compressors.

    A wide range of accessories completes the commercial offer. These include pumping modules with 1 or 2 pumps available with standard or high head with a maximum of 4 pumps: 2 on plant side and 2 on source side.

    The electronic controller can manage the various condensation control systems of the numerous applications required, enabling the control of 2-way or 3-way modulating valves (also offered as accessories) or the control of pumps under INVERTER.

    The units can therefore by combined with liquid coolers (dry- coolers), cooling towers, geothermal boreholes or use for water cooling city or well water. All the units are carefully built in compliance with the current regulations and individually tested. Installation therefore only requires the electrical and hydraulic connection.


    Pumping Modules

    Available on various configurations:

    • 1 o 2 pumps plant side

    • 1 o 2 pumps source side

    •  pumps standard, high and extra high pressure head

    Expansion valve

    • thermostatic

    • electronic (standard for IP, BP) Suitable for outdoor installation


    Rubber vibration dampers Remote controller

    Serial Interface Modbus-RS 485 Programmer clock

    Phase sequence and voltage controller Low temperature kit

    High and low pressure gauges High temperature thermostat Compressors shut-off valves (for IR, BR, IW, BW only) Outdoor air sensor

    Water flow switch Victaulic hydraulic fittings Victaulic bends

    Victaulic water shut-off valves Victaulic water filter

    2-way valve for cond./evap control 3-way valve for cond./evap control



    The units are equipped with a controller designed to ensure energy saving and unit efficiency. Available functions:

    - Compressors start-up with soft starter Compressors power factor correction Electrical load protection with thermal magnetic circuit breakers

    - Adaptive function

    - Climatic control in heating and in cooling mode

    - Economy function

    - Demand limit

    - Integrative heating

    - Condensation / evaporation control

    - Remote stand by

    - Remote cooling-heating

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