Wall hung condensing boilers with instantaneous domestic hot water production


The BLUEHELIX MAXIMA exclusive lines radically remodel the aesthetic concept offered so far by using crystal and by the revolutionary use of curved shapes.

A multicolour LED environment, set in the centre, allows you to perceive the status and operating modes of the boiler, also on a visual chromatic level.

The large 7” colour full touch screen display incorporated in the front surface of the black tempered glass provides the user with total remote interaction with the product, also thanks to the addition of the CONNECT remote control that is managed from an iOS and Android App.

Designed to meet the “robust” product requests in every aspect: primary high-pass heat exchanger, secondary DHW heat exchanger enhanced with 20 plates, high head circulator, new electronic control.

All these elements are designed in order to also guarantee maximum long-term efficiency and reliability, and not only, replacing old generators in particularly dirty systems: ideal for “hassle-free” replacement.e” replacement.



  • Technical Data

    - Aesthetics with exclusive lines (Patent) that radically remodel the aesthetic concept by using tempered crystal and having curved shapes

    - Wide range of optional accessories available: kit remote control Wi-Fi CONNECT controlled via App, hydraulic connection kit (5 pipes, 4 valves), fitting cover casing

    - Boiler with extra thick stainless steel primary exchanger, with large passes guaranteeing duration and reduced maintenance

    - High head, enhanced modulating heating circulator on all models also able to adapt to particularly resistant systems

    - Standard semi-automatic system electro-charging

    - Enhanced DHW exchanger with high number of plates, particularly immune to clogging and able to maintain constant DHW production capacity over time

    - A+ SYSTEM : being combined with the CONNECT modulating remote control, and the outdoor temperature reading directly from the internet, it reaches the maximum energy efficiency A+ (scale from G to A+++)

    - It easily adapts to the load conditions thanks to the broad modulating range that can reach 1:12 (mod. 34C, 1:10 mod. 28C)

    - MC2: Multi Combustion Control, new combustion system with gas-adaptive patented technology for better adaptability of use to the varying gas mains conditions

    - 7” colour touch-screen graphic display

    - Prompt display of the operation status thanks to the front multicolour LED

    - Particularly suitable for operation in flues requiring “heavy duty” pipes thanks operation with 50mm diameter flue outlets

    - Designed to simplify and make normal maintenance and cleaning steps easier thanks to easy access to the internal parts

    - Simplified electric wiring that does not require removing the boiler’s casing thanks to direct access to the external connection terminal board available on the lower part of the device.


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