TP3 COND 65-1000

Three pass condensing steel boiler

  • TP3 COND 65-1000

- High-water steel condensing boiler, ready to be coupling with oil or gas jet burner

- Three flue gas passes:

  * Floating combustion chamber with cooled end plate and a very low volumetric heating

  * Big pipe for the second pass in INOX 2205; with the flue gas recovery from the bottom of the combustion chamber

  * Tube bundle for the third flue gas pass in INOX 2205 to ensure the highest resistance to corrosive condensation; located at the lower part of the hot water generator, fitted with steel inox turbulators to increase convective heat exchange and the condensing process.

- Front door with reversible opening from both sides and innovative closing system with four micrometric adjustment on the boiler body. Heat insulation using material with excellent insulting properties and reduced thermal inertia, protected by refractory material on the furnace side and on the flue gas pass side.

- Double heating system return for a correct installation with the low and medium temperature returns. All models of the series have flanged fittings complete with counterflanges

- Very small frontal size for an easy access to the thermal power station

- High efficency system

- Maximum operating pressure 6 bar

- Maximum design temperature 100°C

- Satellite control panel in two versions: thermostatic or electronic

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