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2023-03-27 14:52:00

Decarbonizing businesses

Enel X, in the Rome headquarters, organised the roundtable “Decarbonizing businesses through the electrification of processes”, a day full of insights for businesses to advance on their decarbonization journey.

The electrification of processes is a proven way to reduce industrie’s carbon footprint while maintaining or improving performance, efficiency, and flexibility.

Riccardo Garrè, Ferroli Ceo, and all participants discussed and shared concrete experiences and points of view on the following questions:

• How can electric utilities and technology providers better support their clients on their electrification journey by sharing knowledge and providing training?

• What sectors could benefit most from the electrification of processes? And what benefits can businesses get from electrification?

• Could process electrification from a specific industry inspire decarbonization for other sectors? What synergies could be built between sectors and stakeholders?

In Ferroli give special attention to technologies to reduce environmental impact, we continue our commitment to the energy transition accelerating the realisation of the ESG plan objectives (Environmental, Social, Governance):