2019-10-13 18:03:00

BLUEHELIX TECH RRT rated Best Tested Product and Best Buy by ALTROCONSUMO.

A two-fold victory.

Altroconsumo, the most reputable voice of consumers, has approved our boiler.
The Ferroli Bluehelix tech RRT condensing boiler with steel heat exchanger was awarded the highest score in the comparative tests that involved 11 boilers selected from the major competitors on the Italian market.

The weight of Altroconsumo's opinion is a dual accolade.

This is an important recognition that takes on even greater value: Indeed Altroconsumo is the largest independent consumer protection organisation in Italy and it is supported by over 350,000 consumers who choose its products and services.

For over 40 years, it has been conducting comparative tests and surveys on the quality, safety and prices of products and services with independence, scientific rigour, a critical sense of consumer values, and not least: the desire to constantly defend the rights of the people who place their utmost trust in Altroconsumo.

The results achieved
Two out of two seals awarded
Best Tested Product:
The product assessment that declared the Bluehelix tech RRT the product with the best overall quality was performed in laboratory conditions with 76 individual tests.
Best Buy:
Laboratory product assessment, based on 76 individual tests – our product was rated best value for money.
A medal for warmth! 
Altroconsumo has confirmed the winning character of the BLUEHELIX TECH RRT: the boiler capable of satisfying everyone. Installers, service centres and end-users will appreciate the innovative aspects, specifically designed and incorporated for the benefit of each of you!
It has a perfect exterior design, thanks to the minimal and contemporary design, designed for perfect integration in any environment.
It is perfect inside, thanks to the combination with the external probe and the Ferroli heat-regulation technique which has made it possible to achieve, at minimal cost, a class A+ system with an ErP efficiency rating of 94%.
It is ecological: users will appreciate the performance assured by the NOx emissions Class 6 rating and the product's very low noise level.
It is smart, thanks to solutions that endear it to maintenance technicians, such as the removable housing sidewalls, the expansion vessel intake valve in frontal position, an on/off drainage valve for rapid emptying and a new mesh filter on the water intake line.
Furthermore, all the hydraulic components, including the plate heat exchanger fasteners, are easily accessible directly from the front of the boiler.
It is revolutionary! The main innovation is the exclusive geometry of the combustion and heat exchange unit with its new Thermobalance T configuration.           
The combustion unit with offset fan provides direct access to the burner and the heat exchanger for maintenance without having to dismantle the fan itself.
The burner door is self-cooled and does not require an insulating panel.
The stainless steel single-circuit multi-pass heat exchanger ensures a remarkable resistance to clogging, superior heat exchange performance and, if required, ensures simplified maintenance access for chemical flushing operations thanks to the absence of a dual circuit.

These are fantastic 4 features in its (and your) favour 

High efficiency even on old plant
The heart of the boiler is Thermobalance, the completely redesigned Combustion Unit that consists of the new AISI 304 stainless steel heat exchanger; a single-circuit design with a significantly larger cross-section, which optimises heat exchange performance and is particularly efficient even on previously installed heating systems.
Extremely silent operation 
Comfort means more than just ambient warmth: that is why Ferroli has constantly improved the performance of its boilers also in terms of noiseless performance. In addition to its regular functions, the comfort-enhancing features assured by this model also include its extreme silence, at the top of its class.

Remote control via the Ferroli Connect app
This control method enables you to manage the comfort of your home also from a Smartphone (iOS and Android), with connection to the home WiFi network via the supplied RF/WiFi receiver and the CONNECT APP. Among the many advantages, the remote control allows for a week-long hourly schedule to be set with 30-minute intervals and alarm status display; the boiler may be remotely enabled and a reading of the outside temperature may be taken from internet or an optional external probe if installed.
MC – Multi combustion control
The new combustion system with patented gas-adaptive technology, derived from industrial applications, offers more adaptable solutions. Combustion is continuously adaptive, always ensuring optimal efficiency according to the changing conditions of the gas network associated with variations in air density or the quality of the gas itself.
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