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The wall type fan coil unit is a terminal for the treatment of room air in the summer season (coil supplied with cold water) and in winter (coil supplied with hot water).
These units are suitable for indoor instal¬lation, very compact and amply configu¬rable to meet the requirements of highly qualified designers.
The careful design of the main compo¬nents, refined styling and the versatility of the product make it suitable for any type of installation in the residential, commercial or industrial context.
Available in 4 constructional sizes with 1.31 to 4.38 kW refrigerating power rating and 1.6 to 5.25 kW heating capacity, they are suitable for installation on walls, while their small size provides them with a pleasant appearance.
The cabinet is made of ABS material and provides high mechanical characteristics and resistance to ageing.

  • Two different control are available. One of them must be choose. In case of Master Slave function it will be necessary select at least one control for all the group or zone.

  • Infrared remote control Rem-I It set all the function of the units via infrared. It’s complete with LCD display, for quick setting of parameters necessary for correct use of the unit. It’s also provided of a wall fixing holder. It permit to control the units from max 7 m distance.

  • Wire wall control Rem-I It set all the function of the units via infrared and it can locally measure the ambient temperature. If used in a Master Slave system it can control singularly any units of the system. It can be use as infer-red receiver. It’s equipped with a 7m connecting wire.

  • Master-Slave system max 32 unit

  • The ventilating unit consists of a tangential fan with an DC brushless motor with very low power consumption A display on the front panel show the operating status of the units and the setting temperature.The units are equipped with a pair of flexible hydraulic pipes to facilitate

  • Conditii de calcul:

    • (*) Temperatura aer interior 27°C d.b. / apa racita: intrare 12°C iesire 7°C

    • (**) Temperatura aer interior 20°C d.b. / apa incalzita: intrare 70°C iesire 60°

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