Centrala termica in condensare

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QUADRIFOGLIO sunt cazane de pardoseala in condensatie, din otel inox .

  • schimbator de caldura din otel inox AISI 316TI (brevet Ferroli) - 
  • panou de comanda cu ecran LCD - tehnologie de avangarda, nivel ridicat de fiabilitate si calitate constructiva - 
  • permite reglajul cazanului de la distanta prin intermediul unei telecomenzi externe ROMEO (optional) - 
  • permite compensarea temperaturii de pe tur, functie de temperatura externa prin montarea unei sonde externe - 
  • clasa 5 pentru emisii reduse de noxe NOx, in conformitate cu Directivele Europene EN656 si EN 297 -
  • permite montajul si functionarea in cascada (configuratie master - slave) fara nici un regulator extern(suplimentar) 
  • Puteri : 123 - 320 kW

Steel condensing hot water generator, vertical configuration and low heating load. Complete with premix burner featuring very low polluting emissions, with direct flue gas pass through the heat exchanger. Boiler featuring a high water content and very low pressure drop in the water circuit.
Range consisting of three models with heat outputs from 124 kW to 320 kW respectively.

  • Flue gas circuit made completely from AISI 316 TI stainless steel. Heat exchanger made from a patented helical shaped tube bundle, designed to optimise heat exchange and condensation of flue gas.
  • Premix burner with diffusion grill and metal mesh for microflame combustion. Burner with front combustion featuring compact vertical dimensions to allow water-flue gas heat exchange along the entire length of the heat exchanger. Quick opening system on the combustion chamber (right or left) for inspection and maintenance.
  • Boiler control electronics able to manage cascade systems with master-slave logic, domestic hot water production with storage cylinder and heating system pump with outlet temperature compensation.
  • Flue gas exhaust from the right and left sides of the hot water generator. 
  • Very high efficiency exceeding 109% in certain operating conditions. 
  • The large volume of water in the hot water generator means the boiler can be connected to the system without needing low-loss headers and can operate with a maximum temperature difference of 50°C between system outlet and return.
  • Double return to the boiler (low and medium temperature) so as to correctly manage two systems at different operating temperatures and guarantee maximum stratification inside the boiler body and maximum unit thermal efficiency.
  • The microflame burner ensures combustion with very low polluting emissions. QUADRISTAR is certified class 5 for NOx emissions.
  • Microprocessor electronic control of combustion that allows modulation of hot water generator operation down to 20% of maximum output.



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    • Motor-driven on-off valve.

    • For cascade systems of two or more hot water generators.

    • Used to stop water circulating in the system when the hot water generator stops on reaching the set point.

    • Diameters DN 50 and DN 65.

    • Condensate neutraliser. Neutralisation system essential to bring the pH of the condensate to a value above 7, allowing it to be drained with household water, as required by legislation in force.

    • Outside probe. For the boiler temperature compensation function, to be connected to the control unit.

    • FZ4 expansion module. To implement system electronic management functions

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