Bluehelix Tech RRT

High efficiency condensing combi & system boilers

  • Bluehelix Tech RRT

Combi 24C, 28C & 34C     
System 18S, 24S & 30S

The latest Bluehelix models from the award-winning Bluehelix family of boilers are now available in the UK. Energy efficient, reliable, durable and affordable.

10 year warranty as standard
The Bluehelix Tech RRT comes with a valuable 10 year manufacturer's parts & labour warranty, provided it is fitted with a high performance magnetic filter.*

ThermobalanceTM heat exchanger
Single circuit stainless steel with larger than standard waterways for greater efficiency and longer life

Stainless steel combustion chamber
Smooth AISI 304 steel surface reduces deposits and extends life

Virtually silent operation
So quiet you can barely hear it

Highly energy efficient
Achieves 94% seasonal heating efficiency

Easy to install and maintain
Three piece casing with removable side panels for easy accessibility

Easy to control
Large multi-functional graphic display

Natural Gas/LPG Ready
Can operate on natural gas and LPG without the need for conversion kits

Gas Adaptive
Smart MC2 gas adaptive technology automatically adapts combustion levels as the gas or flue conditions change

Flue protection system
Flue check valve allows for easy connection to collective pressure flue systems

Fast and efficient DHW delivery
24C 9.8l/min at Δt 35˚C
28C 11.5l/min at Δt 35˚C
34C 13.9l/min at Δt 35˚C

Click here to watch our video and see what makes the Bluehelix Tech RRT boiler a best buy.

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