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Take a look at our domestic range of Gas and Electric boilers

Take a look at our domestic range of Gas and Electric boilers, we offer a boiler for every domestic application.

The New Improved Bluehelix HiTech RRT Condensing Combi Boilers are a wise choice in terms of performance aand aftercare

The Bluehelix HiTech RRT from the award-winning family of Bluehelix domestic boilers is now on sale in the UK and comes with a 7 year warranty as standard to give both installers and their customers complete confidence that they have made a wise choice in terms of performance and after care. It’s also possibly the quietest boiler currently on the market.

The new Bluehelix HiTech RRT combi boilers offer an impressive range of new technical features that make this boiler one of the most innovative and intelligent models on the market, but at an affordable price. The new Bluehelix HiTech RRT is the latest version of a boiler that has won consumer best boiler awards in Italy and Spain so we know that it’s going to tick all the boxes for anyone wanting a reliable, high performance new boiler at a realistic price. 

A key new feature of the Bluehelix HTech RRT is the patented stainless steel Thermobalance heat exchanger which is shaped to ensure increased water flow and improve efficiency, even where water flow is obstructed. This feature makes the boiler perfect for replacement installations that are more prone to producing sediment in the exchanger.

Ferroli boilers are always designed to be user-friendly, both for engineers and customers. Installers will find the Bluehelix HiTech RRT very easy to install and maintain thanks to its three piece casing with removable side panels for easy access to the interior and if the boiler is required to run on LPG, the fact that no conversion kit is needed will save valuable time and money.

The Bluehelix HiTech RRT Range 

Models operating with both natural gas and LPG 

Combi 24C, 28C & 34C     

It’s quick and easy to achieve optimum comfort thanks to the smart new user interface with ‘CapSense’ touch screen technology and large 2.8” graphic display. 

The boiler is also designed to deliver even greater comfort by connecting to a second room thermostat for multi-zone heating control. 

Customers will find the new user interface with "Capsense" touch screen technology and large 2.8" graphic display allows for easy navigation and simple boiler control making it straightforward to operate. Its compact size – just 250mm deep for the 24kw and 28kW models – widens the options for finding a suitable location for installation.

An impressive feature of the Bluehelix is the sound it makes when the boiler is operating, including ignition and shutdown – it’s virtually silent. The boiler switching on in the morning is something that can disturb sleep so a silent boiler can make a significant difference to quality of life.

As well as high performance, energy efficiency is a priority for the design of Ferroli’s boilers. The Bluehelix HiTech is class 6 for NOx emissions, achieves 94% season heating efficiency and the new intelligent gas adaptive combustion system constantly monitors and optimises combustion levels as the gas and flue conditions change.

The Bluehelix HiTech RRT combi boiler is available in 24kW, 28kW and 34kW outputs.


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Designed for single installations and ideal for large homes or perfect in cascade for both new and retrofit commercial installations. 

The Force W Range

The Force W Range is an exceptional series of high-efficiency wall hung condensing boilers with lowNOx (class 6) emissions.

Benefits at a glance

High power condensing wall-hung boiler. Designed for single or modular installation.

Hydraulic, gas and flue gas accessories for cascade installation, with 2, 3 and 4 modules

Heat exchanger with pre-assembled elements in aluminium-silicon alloy. Designed to obtain maximum efficiency and low hydraulic pressure drop

Complete premix combustion system with a metal fibre burner with very low emissions (Class 6 by EN 15502-1). Boiler can operate on natural gas or LPG (with a conversion kit)

RANGE RATED certified system to adapt the power generated to the system needs thus increasing the system efficiency and safeguarding the mechanics.

The Force W Range is an exceptional series of high-efficiency wall hung condensing boilers with low NOx (class 6) emissions.

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More efficient than an electric Combi the space saving LEB works well combined with both central heating and under-floor heating, with the possibility to connect a DHW tank.

The LEB System Range, Electric Boiler 

9.0 kW

·  Single phase 9kW model 

·  Future-proof your home with our LEB electric boiler. 

·  Eco friendly, Exceptionally Quiet

·  Off grid or no mains gas supply solution

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