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Performance and price of Ferroli boilers and water heaters give Rubberduck Heating peace of mind


25th March 2019

Whether it’s boilers or water heaters, installer Iain Dubber knows that if he wants a quality appliance at a great price, he can rely on Ferroli.

Iain, who runs his own company Rubberduck Heating in Newport, has been a big fan of Ferroli’s Modena HE boiler for several years and has just discovered that Ferroli’s new electric water heaters also offer excellent performance at a great price.

“You really can’t fault the Modena boiler,” said Iain. “The performance is phenomenal and because it has only four moving parts, no plate to plate heat exchanger and no diverter valve, there’s less to fail. 

“The failure rate on the Modena is very low compared to other boiler brands we install. We find that the weak point on other boilers is the diverter valve but because the Modena doesn’t have a diverter valve this really sets it apart. Unlike some other boiler manufacturers, Ferroli have got their technical spec down to a fine art. You can fit and forget it until the next annual service which is what everyone wants from a boiler. It’s very compact so it’s an easy fit and the whole package is very well priced.”

Iain has also recently installed the new Ferroli Bravo electric water heater for one of his customers and was very impressed with the superb performance for such an affordable appliance.

“I installed two Bravo water heaters for a brewery, one behind the bar in their tap room and one in the toilets,” he said. “The kit includes everything you need to plumb it in, it’s pre-wired and the instructions are idiot-proof. The performance it delivers is excellent but the price is comparable with the cheaper water heater models you can buy from some of the discount merchant chains. I am impressed!”

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