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How to comply with Boiler Plus


29th May 2018

From April 6th 2018, changes to Part L of the Building Regulations have set new minimum standards for the installation of all gas and oil boiler installations in existing buildings in England.

As the installer, it is your responsibility to ensure that when you fit a new boiler for a customer you have complied with these new regulations.

Boiler Plus requires that…

·        Time and temperature control are included with all gas and oil boiler installations

·        Space heating efficiency of the new boiler is no less than ErP 92%

·        One of four energy efficiency measures must be included with the installation of combination boilers

The four energy efficiency devices are specified as:

·        Weather compensation

·        Load compensation

·        Smart thermostat with automation and optimisation

·        Flue gas heat recovery

It’s up to the customer to decide which of these devices they would like, according to cost and ease of use, so it’s important that they are fully advised on the benefits of each.

Our RF OpenTherm Smart Control can be paired with the Modena HE range of combi boilers and can be purchased via your local Ferroli stockist. It’s simple to install and easy to use and will help the customer to stay in control of their energy usage and keep fuel bills down.

Follow our handy infographic to check what action you need to take to ensure that your boiler installations are Boiler Plus compliant.