Presto electric boiling water dispenser
2022-03-03 10:57:00

Hey Presto! Still the most energy efficient way to produce instant boiling water

Ferroli’s electric water heaters and boilers are innovative, high quality and value for money. We’ve been making them in Europe for over 25 years and we sell more than 100 million euros of business every year. 

A perfect example of our innovation in electric water heating is the new Presto boiling kettle (pictured centre) - clever, dependable and at a price point to shake up the market. It has lots of features that you won’t find on other boiling kettles which make life easier for both the installer and the end user. It’s very straightforward to install and is available from UK merchants now.

On powering up the Presto the PCB will first determine the status of the unit. Presuming it is the first start-up, it will first open the solenoid valve and allow water to fill above the element - this is known as the low-level condition of the unit; this will only apply to the initial start-up as the water cannot be drained past the element, leaving the element always submersed in water.

The unit will then engage the element and start to heat up the water. Once it has reached boiling point it will then add more water to the tank and repeat this process until the unit is full.  The advantages of filling and heating in stages are that the first amount of water in the tank is used to heat the whole unit which allows the next amount of water entering the tank to be pre-heated. This also gives the unit the advantage of having a constant supply of boiling water in the tank no matter what the water level is, so if the unit was completely drained it could be used immediately once a filling stage is complete.

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