10 year upgrade
2023-08-23 13:25:00

Ferroli UK Installers can now offer homeowners a warranty upgrade on the Bluehelix HiTech RRT from 7 – 10 years. What’s more…they can use their loyalty points to pay for it.

 “Rewarding our Installers for choosing Ferroli has helped us to build a great Installer base for our business here in the UK. When one of our Installers came to us to say that he was finding it difficult to compete against other manufacturers who were offering a 10-year warranty we listened. The upgrade also gave us the opportunity to offer our Installers more too. By adding the upgrade to our loyalty scheme Installers are now able to use their points to purchase the upgrade which adds more value to Installer”.

Jasmin Martin-Hoare, Ferroli UK, Operations Manager

You can now purchase a Bluehelix HiTech 10-year warranty upgrade online.

The Bluehelix HiTech RRT combination boiler comes with a 7-year warranty as standard. However, the homeowner can upgrade to a 10-year warranty for just £120. The process means that they simply register the boiler within 30 days of installation and choose to upgrade to 10 years for £120. Installersmate members can also use 1200 Installersmate points to pay for an upgrade from 7 years to 10 years. They simply redeem their points, which generates a code to pay for the upgrade.

How to request your Bluehelix HiTech RRT 10-year Warranty Upgrade. 

If you’re a registered Installer and want to upgrade your Bluehelix HiTech RRT to a 10-year warranty, you need to do so at the end of the registration process.

  • At the end of the registration process, click on the button to 'Request a 10-year warranty for this boiler'. You'll be asked if you or your customer would like to extend the warranty to 10 years for £120 inc VAT.
  • If you would like to extend the warranty period to 10 years, select YES.
  • Tell us who is making payment; you or your customer.
  • Include a contact number for us to call to set up and take payment.
  • Alternatively, choose the “pay with points” option - redeem your points and generate a code to use to pay.


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·       Free Gas Safe Notifications
Make your Gas Safe Notifications on your Ferroli boiler installations via Installersmate and we’ll pay the fee of £2.20 on every job.

·       Product Registration
Installersmate isn’t just for boilers anymore. You can register all Ferroli products, including our wide range of electric and gas water heaters and smart controls. You’ll need the serial number to do this, which you’ll find on the product itself.

·       Boiler Warranty Registration
Boiler warranties are created automatically when you make a Gas Safe notification. We will post the warranty certificate to your customer on your behalf but if you need another copy the pdfs are easily available to view and download in your Profile.


·       Your Profile
All your Ferroli boiler installations and product registrations will be added to your Profile page so you will have a clear record of your work, all in one place.

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Every Ferroli product you register will earn you points that you can redeem on a range of great rewards, including Ferroli branded workwear, the latest electronic gadgets, and a great choice of experience days out. The more products you register, the bigger the rewards!  

·       Annual Boiler Service Reminder
Don’t lose your customers to a rival! Six weeks before the anniversary of their boiler installation, both you and your customer will receive a reminder by email and/or SMS that it’s time to arrange a date for an annual boiler service.