Customer Focus 2
2023-07-17 10:11:00

Ferroli UK are pleased to announce the integration of online chat across all our websites.

“Effective Communications are fundamental to success, that’s why we have introduced “Ferroli Chat” our new online chat facility across all our UK websites”, Online chat will allow us to engage with more people at the same time in an efficient manner, allowing customers to communicate with us without having to be on the phone. It’s a new way of communicating with our customers efficiently in the modern world”,  says Jasmin Martin-Hoare, Ferroli UK, Operations Manager.

We all know that effective communications are fundamental to business success. Today, more so than ever, we recognise that our business needs to be agile to respond to customers quickly. With our new online chat facility our team at Ferroli are now able to communicate with our customers across multiple channels. Our mission is to be the best that we can be and, to excel at every customer touch point and exceed our customer expectations. In this digital age we live in, online chat will give us faster response times, which mean no waiting queues, helping us stay to deliver a superior service and be a standout supplier. As well as webchat our new communication service includes video calling and instant messaging.  



As part of the online chat facility, we have added the department specific buttons: “service”, “sales” and “technical” so our customers can find their way easily to the right team quickly. We have also added on-line chat to all our product pages, making it possible to engage with customers who are interested in specific products, for example Water heaters or Commercial boilers. With online chat we can engage with our customers in an efficient manner, allowing customers to communicate with us without having to be on the phone, as well as web chat our new system means that we can now benefit from video calling and instant messenger too. Driven through a set of apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, this new service enables our users to access business communications and collaboration services from their favourite devices – wherever they are. 



Installer On-line training and webinars.


With online training session for up to 50 Installers and Sales Agents now possible, we will be introducing online training and webinars as part of our new product line introductions for 2023 – 2024. With dates and courses launching soon watch this space for further updates.