Water Heaters

Ferroli’s best-selling range of water heaters is now available in the UK

7th January 2019

If you thought Ferroli only makes boilers, think again! Ferroli’s electric water heaters are already market leaders in several countries around the world and now they are available to the UK market.

Available in capacities from 5l to 100l, our powerful yet energy efficient water heaters deliver hot water to the tap for all kinds of applications, such as utility rooms, large family homes, office buildings and commercial kitchens. From the super-compact Mini Instant to the 100 litre SEV, one of our six electric water heaters will fit the job.

Ferroli water heaters are designed to be very easy to install and, unlike many other models on the market, come with an electrical cable already fitted to save you time and effort. 

Our small capacity electric models, the Bravo and Novo, are ideal for installation in limited spaces and can be fitted either above or under sink. Both have temperature adjustment, shock-proof casing and are rust-free.  For instantaneous hot water, the Mini Instant is so small it will fit virtually anywhere and is ideal for locations such as caravans and workspaces. 

The compact Cubo and large capacity SEV contain our premium ‘Blue Forever’ heating element and come with an extended warranty. The element is enamelled with blue silicon which provides long-lasting high performance, reduced limescale deposits, improved energy efficiency and increased lifespan of the product. And for busy offices and public kitchens, the Presto wall-mounted instant boiling water dispenser is the safe, hygienic and energy efficient way to keep the cuppas coming. 

The Bravo, Novo, Cubo, SEV and Mini Instant are now available in the UK with the Presto to follow soon. 

Visit our Water Heaters page for more details and product datasheets.