Discontinued Products

You’ll find a list of all our manuals for discontinued products below. You can either download a pdf or contact us for copies to be sent to you by post. 


Boiler Replacement Guides

Optimax HE to Modena HE Installation Guide
Modena 80-102 to Modena HE Installation Guide
Optimax 25c to Modena HE Installation Guide
Maxima 35C to Modena HE Replacement Guide

Arena 30 A Manual
Arena 30 C Manual
DOMIcompact F24 B Manual
DOMIcompact F24 D Manual
DOMIcompact F30 B Manual
DOMIcompact F30 D Manual
DOMIcondens F24 & F28 Manual
DOMIcondens HE 26c Manual
Domina 80E Manual
Domina 102 Manual
EnergyTop W range
Extrema 30c & 38c Manual
Falcon 80 Manual
Falcon II Manual
FERcondens HE 25C Manual
FER System Tech 31c Manual
FER System Tech 38c Manual
FER Tech 18ov Manual
FER Tech 25ov Manual
Ferroli F30 E Manual
Ferroli F24 B Manual
Ferroli F24 Manual
Ferroli 30 B Manual
Maxima 35 C Manual
Maxima 35 S Manual
Modena HE 27c & 32c Manual
Modena HE 18s, 25s & 32s Manual
Modena 102 Manual
Modena 80 E Manual
Optima 800 Manual
Optima 801 Manual
Optima 801 User Instructions
Optima 900 Manual
Optima 901 Manual
Optima 901 User Instructions
Optimax HE PLUS 31C & 38Cc Manual
Optimax HE PLUS 25S & 35S Manual
Optimax HE PLUS 18S Manual
Optimax HE PLUS 18OV Manual
Optimax HE PLUS 25OV Manual
Optimax 25C Manual
Optimax 25S Manual
Optimax 25OV  Manual
Optimax HE 31C Manual
Optimax HE 38C Manual
Sigma 20-40 & 40-60 Manual
Sigma 60-100 Manual
SYS 10-23 Manual
Tempra 12-18 Manual
Tempra 24 Manual
Tempra 30 Manual
T-One 25c & 30c Manual
T-One 18s, 25s & 32s Manual



To request an electronic manual for any of the products listed below, please email us at commercial@ferroli.co.uk.

Econcept 50A 3Bar Manual
Econcept 50A 6Bar Manual
Econcept 51 Manual
Econcept 100 Manual
GN1 Manual
GN1 N Manual
GN2 Manual
GN3 Manual
GN4 Manual
HIGLO I Manual
LG Manual
NFR Manual
NG & NGL Manual
NLR Manual
Pegasus F2 E Manual
Pegasus F2 N Manual
Pegasus F2 T Manual
Pegasus F3 E Manual
Prextherm E Manual
Prextherm Manual
Prextherm N Manual
Rendimax LN Manual
Rendimax N EL Manual