2019-10-14 17:15:00

BLUEHELIX TECH 25C is the boiler "BEST of the TEST" from ALTROCONSUMO in Italy

A track record of successes and awards for BLUEHELIX condensing boilers.
FERROLI is promoting the boiler Bluehelix Tech 25C in Italy through the Altroconsumo’s Sigillo since it has been nominated boiler "BEST OF THE TEST" in January 2017, among 7 products tested.

Altroconsumo is a consumer organization, the first and the most widespread in Italy with its 396,000 members. For over 40 years it has been representing the interest and fundamental rights of citizens: health and safety, protection of economic interests, the right to be informed, to know their rights and to defend them, the right to be represented and listened by the national and international institutions, the right to live in a healthy environment and to make responsible choices.